High School

The SwitchedOn Education curriculum is designed to prepare students for entrance into any university or college. The high school years in the SwitchedOn Education curriculum are designed to be more process oriented and develop critical thinking skills deeper than the elementary and middle school years to ensure the students are prepared for college entry or entrance into the workforce. The high school years teach students to master skills and apply them to their lives as they approach adulthood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended hours to be online daily?

Generally speaking, a student needs to be completing 2 assignments per subject per day. As the assignments are of varying lengths students should spend approximately 45 minutes per subject per day but this is subject to the length of assignment and number of sections per assignment coupled with the ability of the student. Please factor in all these components and remember to give students comfort and snack or food breaks throughout the day.

Are there any additional costs?

The cost includes access to ALL subjects within the SwitchedOn Education USA curriculum.

Who is the curriculum accredited by?

We are accredited by Cognia and supply curriculum to several ACSI accredited schools.

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