Elementary School grades 3 – 5

Elementary school grades 3- 5 is a phase of primary education for students aged 8 to 11. Switchedon Education USA offers a comprehensive curriculum for students with lessons in the five main subject areas of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science. The courses are not only rigorous and interactive but also provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective.

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Middle School grades 6 – 8

Middle school is when students are aged between 11 and 14. Accessible anywhere around the clock, this dynamic, rigorous curriculum is full of interactive, media-rich content that encourages self-directed, real-world learning to promote academic exploration and creative discovery.

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High School grades 9 – 12

We offer the High School Diploma with a continuous assessment process, so there are no final exam body papers to sit. Switchedon Education USA takes the time to create a roadmap to true educational success for your student. Pinpointing your student’s current academic situation, we create a lesson plan structure with the help of placement tests that center on what your student really needs to learn to graduate.

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Switched On Education USA

Provides daily access to the Switched On Education USA’s digital curriculum. Home educators have initial training and are invited to a weekly ZOOM home educator forum where they can receive additional training or ask any questions, they may have.

Home Educators

Are responsible for managing their students daily work schedule; complete manual grading; score projects and maintaining student daily progress.


For best results, students should spend approximately 4-6 hrs per day in a 5 day school week on the Switched On USA curriculum. This can be easily managed alongside other activities or other tuition. As each 10 unit course is designed to be completed within a year this translates to 2 learning activities per subject per day.


Students complete our leading world-class Internationally Accredited High School Diploma – for graduation just complete our modular, self-paced year 10 to year 13 (grade 9 to 12) digital Christian curriculum. With over 50 diverse elective courses to choose from, our qualification prepares students for the challenges facing 21st-century global students.

Technical Requirements

The Switched On USA digital curriculum platform has been developed and refined over many years to provide ease of access through low-tech entry points. This means easy and affordable access for computer hardware and software requirements to run our program it is recommended that Firefox is used.