Home-schooling for Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Our monthly homeschooling fees cover all the online curriculum, assessments, and tests with a once-off $00 per family administration fee.

  • Elementary $00 Monthly (No support)
  • Elementary $00 Monthly (With support)
  • Middle School $00 Monthly (No support)
  • Middle School $00 Monthly (With support)
  • High School $00 Monthly (With support)

Home-schooling fees to be paid by the 27th of each month, failure to make the payment may result in the curriculum being suspended. Please note that there must be an enrolment form filled in per child.

SwitchedOn Education USA contract provision agreement
SwitchedOn Education USA will provide students with daily access to their curriculum and initial training.

Home Educator Contractual Agreement
Home educators are responsible to manage their children’s curriculum, scoring, projects, and general curriculum management. 1 month’s notice must be given for the cancellation of the use of the curriculum.

I understand that as a home educator I am responsible for the training of the children and will not hold SwitchedOn Education USA responsible for any lack of academic achievement or progress.

I understand SwitchedOn Education USA requires one month’s written notice should the student no longer wish to continue with the curriculum. SwitchedOn Education USA is structured for continuous enrolment and the student is considered enrolled until the school formerly (in writing) withdraws the student. No refunds are given for registration fees. There will be a $00 fee charged for invoices not paid within one week of receipt, and online access will be suspended until full payment has been received.

Please note in keeping with GDPR requirements all information will be securely stored and will not be used for marketing purposes. Please sign and date the form below.

Home Schooling Enrolment Form
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Date and Sign
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Here’s what our happy students had to say about our courses:

“I enjoy that it is computer-based and easy to use, with thorough explanations”


“SwitchedOn Education is fast and reliable”


“I love the fact that I can see all my marks per subject as I go on as well as the average”


“She loves it so much I have to get her off her PC sometimes 🙂 Its a great system!!”


“The first time EVER, that I have to TELL Matthew to take a break from schoolwork !”